E-Commerce Applications

Shopping has undergone a paradigm shift. It’s all happening on the Internet! From e-malls to e-books, the ‘e’ age has enveloped our market and has made customer transactions short, sweet and simple!

Now the question is: 'Have you put the 'e' into YOUR business?

If your answer is ‘No’, then it’s time to hop onto this bandwagon because we are definitely going to take you places.

webchannel offers end-to-end e-commerce solutions like catalogue management, integration services, hosting, security, payment service provider options and much more. Get those products online and watch them go! Our programmers have brought to life customized e-commerce packages in less than 3 weeks! That’s what you get when you have an experienced team dedicatedly working for you.

Customization lies at the core of our business. When we meet a new client, we start with a clean sheet- right from scratch. We place supreme importance in getting to know you and your business. We combine your goals, vision, objectives, and preferences with our expertise and experience to create outstanding results. Our user-centric e-commerce solutions present you with a win-win situation Either way, it’s the same to us. We can breathe business into your website.

We help with the reins but the horse is yours! Through our e-commerce facility, webchannel will empower you to manipulate data, update product prices and add special offers as easy as 1-2-3, so you remain king of your online store. Our e-commerce programs also ensure data security, which is crucial when dealing with customer related information.

Our experts can architect and design your e-commerce site to reflect your business. Complete customized solutions involve: use of Cascading Style Sheets, shopping carts with online credit card validation, Javascript drop-down menus, related product links, detailed product description pages, quick quote options, email notifications, fax and SMS integration and much more. Just tell us what you have in mind, and we will translate that into reality.

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