Online Mortgage Application for Abu Dhabi Police Traffic Department.

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What is Online Mortgage Application?

VehicleLight is a web based integration solution developed for mortgage companies, to allow them to manage the vehicles’ mortgages through an electronic integration with Unified Traffic System (UTS).

It is fully compliant with Abu Dhabi traffic Department technical document (ADP - Integration with Mortgage Companies Technical Documentation version. 1) issued in this regard.

This application enables the mortgage company to add new mortgage, release mortgage, transfer mortgage ownership, transfer mortgage company, and issue tourism no objection certificate for a specific vehicle.

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Benefits of VehicleLight

  • Application is very user friendly , convenient and easy to use.
  • Supports 2 language interface (English & Arabic).
  • Different roles & permission to manage Users.
  • Multiple users management.
  • Delivers an instant status of an application on each submission.
  • Assists you to generate consolidated reports on regular intervals at your convenience.
  • User Activity tracking and logging.
  • No Hardware or Software required.
  • Ready to use Cloud based Solution.
  • Daily backup & Secured access.

Technical Specification

VehicleLight is available in 2 options Installed in house and Cloud Based.
If you want to install internally then please check below details.

Technical Requirements

  • App Server – Windows Server 2008+ (Shared, Virtual or Standalone Server)
  • IIS - Internet Information Services installed on App Server
  • Database - SQL server 2008+
  • SQL Server Management Studio 2016 installed on App Server
  • Disk Space - App Server- 500MB - Database - 5GB
  • App Server IP must be Static IP


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